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''Bruna Abreu is a complete Designer who loves the creative process. She signed several Fashion Collections with her brand BRUNA ABREU, created a line of unique Hats, and in 2016 she decided to enter in the Universe of Costume Design, thus creating stories and characters through intuition and dreams. All work on this site is authorial and created by Designer's own hands. Feel inspired..."


I am preparing the first UNI VERSOS performance at PLAYA at the Burning Man festival, Black Rock City US, 2017.

I ask for your help because I am in Brazil and I have a high cost to go to the festival and bring all the costumes and headdresses I’m making since the beginning of this year.

I want to invite the Burners from all over the world to experience our history, wear it my costumes and participate to the playful joy healing magic of the Golden Age with a Brazilian spicy.


Ways you can help:


Meeting me at Burning Man, I am camping at Brazilian AMAZONE camp at 10A and have good time performing together.

Sharing my work and website to your friends.

Depositing Money at PayPal account below (or from the email contato@brunaabreu.com).

Depositing Money at my Bank of America (ask the number at contato@brunaabreu.com).

Sending some handmade materials, clothes, fabrics, trimmings, bijoux and accessories to transform into new costumes. It is no problem to be close to or after Burning Man as our story continues, we have many new characters to produce and we want to take our performance to several cities in the world (ask me the American address at email contato@brunaabreu.com).


We want soon turn the whole story of UNI VERSOS Rainbow Family into a great movie.

Every help is welcome! Thank you!