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All the work is being done by the designer's own hand at her studio container at @malha.cc at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



Along with the HYBRASIL project, I am preparing the first Ritual & Healing performance of the UNI VERSOS Series. The Rainbow Warriors Indigenous Alien Futurist Family will walk together by the PLAYA at Burning Man 2017, emanating love and union at the Fifth Dimension. I ask for your help because I want to bring more characters and more costumes to the Desert and I live in Brazil, I have a high cost to go to the festival and take the whole structure of the MAGIC ALTAR, costumes and headdresses. I have been producing these costumes with my own hands for the past 5 months; I want to invite the Burners from all over the world to participate in this Magical Universe with all the energy of the New Golden Age. I am also bringing many gifts, handmade with great fondness, affection and love.

Ways you can help:

Meeting me at Burning Man and performing together.

Sharing my work and website to your friends.

Depositing Money at PayPal account below.

Depositing Money at my Bank of America:



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 325061919459

Sending some handmade materials, clothes, fabrics, trimmings, bijoux and accessories to transform into new costumes. It is no problem to be close to or after Burning Man as our story continues. We have many new characters to produce and we want to take our story to several cities around the world (ask me the American address to send it to at my email contato@brunaabreu.com). Soon, I am turning the UNI VERSOS story into a great movie.

SUPPORT THE ART! Looking forward to hearing from you and to meet you at Playa! 

Every help is welcome! Thank you!



"The Fantasy Universe is part of the designer’s life, who believes in a colorful world of unconditional love, with several happy characters of many spells, lights and flavors ... She is currently creating in Rio de Janeiro the story UNI + VERSOS – It is being intuited by her heart and inspired by her Rainbow spiritual family. The next step is bringing the costumes to Burning Man Festival in August 2017, revering Brazil, its Carnival, the Amazon, and the Indigenous Culture. Bruna is a dreamer; she relies on the evolutionary work of the Universe and co-creates with it the history of the New Age. "

We are all COSMIC SOULS and if you feel the call to unite in this movement at Playa, Burning Man, everyone will be our allies in this Great RITUAL! With the MAGIC ALTAR and the UNI VERSOS costumes, we will drink from the source of the awakening Souls, for the appearance of the Fifth World... In a light and unique way, simultaneously integrated with UNO!

We invite you to enter in this universe, to open your heart and to be part of our nature. To know the collective in Portuguese, access the site: