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Rainbow Family

Light Poets


They will come in many mounts, with their different magic, they will have arts that will defy understanding.

When the end seems right, they will come and heal the earth. "

We are Elemental Beings of Cosmic Dust, space travelers. Extraterrestrials that inhabit the Earth, Celestial beings who send a multidimensional love to heal the frequency of Gaia and its inhabitants.
We are Angel, Indian, Forest, Animals, Shamans, Mages, Gypsies, Scientists, Warriors, Gods, Goddesses...

We transmute energies, align chakras, care for our Mother Earth, and awaken Love and Divine Consciousness of all the Human Beings in the World.

Costume and Concept by BRUNA ABREU





The Natives of various regions of the Planet in their prophecies told us that when Earth is dying and Ancestral Wisdom is almost forgot, Warriors of Peace of all races and colors would rise to restore the Planetary Garden...

Thus arrives the Rainbow Family, with several characters bringing the luminous communication; With oracles, symbols, words, spells, dances, songs, sounds... looks and touches that will remind us of this Brotherhood that came to increase the frequency of Gaia and its inhabitants; And thus rescue the Planet from the times of darkness. Restoring the balance of the Sacred Arc, remembering our connection with the Whole, the necessary cooperation and union, and the inexistence of borders and inequalities, we will activate the luminous essence for Planetary Transmutation, in the total possibility of living in harmony and peace, on the Sacred body of Our Mother, the Earth.

The Rainbow Race are Elemental Beings of Cosmic Dust, are Angel, Indian, Forest, Animals, Shamans, Magicians, Wizards, Elves, Gypsies, Scientists, Warriors... Beings of other Dimensions, Planets, Galaxies, Universes. Intra-Marine, Intra-Earth and Extra-Terrestrial, which send healing lights, transmutation and energy in all colors and shapes, as magic, to fulfill the mission given in each battle. They open the humans hearts, show the truth and reinforce equality among nations, and oppose the idea that a superior race would control or conquer other races.

They are several episodes of many stories, and always with the principle of showing the Love that will bring healing to all the beings of the Earth. Working for good, for charity, spreading seeds of equality, we will continue on the "path" to the appearance of the Fifth World, without paradigms, dogmas and preconceptions. Our children will drink from the source of this Ancestral Wisdom, will have the understanding and new ways of knowing themselves, others and the Universe, getting out of the dark cocoon of death to the transcendent Magical Flight of the Cosmic Butterfly.

We count on the support and cooperation of the Human Beings, the Invisible Beings, the Ancestral Sages, the Realized Masters of all times and all Cultures in this great enterprise. When all the Paths of Wholeness is respect from all people, the prophecy of the Rainbow will be fulfill. We are the Sons and Daughter of Light, the change that we want is colorful. Tomorrow will be of peace, abundance and prosperity to all of us.

Army of Light, Forward!


"The Fantasy Universe is part of the designer’s life, who believes in a colorful world of unconditional love, with several happy characters of many spells, lights and flavors ... She is currently creating the story UNI + VERSOS – It is being intuited by her heart and inspired by her Rainbow spiritual family. Bruna is a dreamer; she relies on the evolutionary work of the Universe and co-creates with it the history of the New Age. "